Friday, November 23, 2012

teasing you real hard #2weekstogo

hi folks! i have a very very special treat for you today. nope, it's not a video, it's more than that!

but before i say what my treat is, i just wanna say thank you very much for taking time to catch my weekly teasers all the way back from week 12! i hope i was able to make you feel excited about our wedding as much as i did this whole preparations process.

anyway, this will be my final wedding teaser. i promise it's going to be better than just a picture or a 10-second prenup video. it's extra special because it's actually mon's treat for you! mon kindly took time and made this so we hope you'll like it! i know i do! so what are you waiting for? click here to view his special treat! 

bye guys and see you at our wedding!

2 weeks. how time flies. :)

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